More than 10 years of video games experiences!

Since 2012, IHMTEK have helped other teams to develop all the game experience or different modules and technologies of a game.


Have you heard about "Euphoria", the acclaimed technology of Natural Motion used in "GTA IV", "Star Wars Unleashed", "BackBreakers" ?

Well, César Mendoza was part of the original developers. He also worked at Eden Games, the former Atari/Infogrammes studio creator of Test Drive Unlimited, Alone in the Dark,... and he is part of our team!

Have you heard about the custom campaign "eXitium" for Left4Dead 2?

Well, Daniel Reynoso was the main designer and developer... and he is part of our team too!

We also count with and outstanding team of artists and engineers.

They trust us

"It is always a pleasure to work with IHMTEK. They are always reactive and meet customers deadlines".

Julien Levy, CEO, Digital Immersion

"Due to the excellence of their work, I will work with IHMTEK again and again without hesitation".

Bruno Chavanel,CEO, Artefacts Studio.