Our solutions in virtual reality



An immersive and interactive simulation solution for Enterprise Training. Simulations of breakdowns or complex situations in virtual reality can be developed thanks to this tool which, moreover, allows the realization of significant savings on expenses of displacements which are not any more to make. And, most importantly, VR-TRAINING remains a training tool and not a training in itself. The Trainer controls and accompanies the learners thanks to a virtual reality technology developed by IHMTEK. The tracking of each person is recorded and reused through a Back Office.


An immersive tool to help design and / or develop industrial models. It helps to optimize communication with the partners thanks to the internal visualization of the model of a project in real virtual reality. You will be able to visit it as if you were there and interact with the modular components that IHMTEK will have created upstream.


This tool allows the realization of communication and marketing campaigns for industrial products. This application, downloadable by all customers, suppliers, partners etc .., can stand out from the competition and, at the same time, allow to obtain a high visibility on the market. If you want to change your brand to rally to the digital age, VR-COMM 'is the solution.




We develop solutions for the connection of objects, whether directly (via WiFi or Wifi Direct for example), via a smartphone (via a Bluetooth connection), eBeacons, Raspberry Pi, or through their own protocols that allow objects to communicate with each other.


We develop mobile solutions (iOS, Android) for smartphones and tablets. Our customers include large industrial groups and SMEs.

R & D

IHMTEK develops innovative products thanks to its R&D lab which holds close relationship with French gouvernemental laboratories such as INRIA or CNRS.

Within our research lab, we mix ideas and the last technologies to find the best solutions for our customers. Currently, we are financing a PhD thesis in the domain of Brain Computer Interface in partnership with the CNRS.

We are at the forefront of virtual reality and computer interface technologies, mobile systems, embedded computing and all kink of human-machine interactions.