More than 10 years of video games experiences!

Since 2012, IHMTEK have helped other teams to develop all the game experience or different modules and technologies of a game.


Have you heard about "Little Big Adventures 1, 2, 3, "Moto Racer Advance", "Time Commando"?

They are games designed by Didier Chanfray, and... he is part of the team !


Have you heard about "Euphoria", the acclaimed technology of Natural Motion used in "GTA IV", "Star Wars Unleashed", "BackBreakers" ?

well César Mendoza was part of the original developpers, he also worked at Eden Games, the ex-Atari/Infogrammes studio creator of Test Drive Unlimited,Alone in the Dark ?and... he is part of the team.

Have you heard about of the "DLC" eXitium" Campaign"- for ?

well, Daniel Reynoso was the main developper and.. he is part of the team !

We also count with the outstanding artists, Amaury Bündgen and Aura Suarez.

They trust us

"It is always a pleasure to work with IHMTEK. They are always reactive and meet customers deadlines".

Julien Levy, CEO, Digital Immersion

"Due to the excellence of their work, I will work with IHMTEK again and again without hesitation".

Bruno Chavanel,CEO, Artefacts Studio.