Airboard arena

Virtual reality demo for the 3D Rudder 




PC, HTC VIVE, Oculus Rift

Airboard Arena is a virtual reality game (Oculus Rift and HTC Vive) that used a foot-activated interface: the 3D Rudder. The game is part of the free package offered by the 3D Rudder Company.

The game was presented at CES Vegas 2017.

Objective of the project

The general objective of the project was to provide the 3D Rudder Company with a unique demo that could demonstrate the capabilities and features of the 3D Rudder.

The objective of the game is to traverse galactic ports and catch flying cubes

Our job : Virtual Reality Game

We carried out the entire project, from design to deployment. All graphic assets were created by our studio.
Technical challenge::

– We had to remove several technological barriers.
– First of all, when we started developing, the 3D Rudder interface was still very immature because the project was still new.
– There was a lot of functionality in the API, so we had to develop it for them.
– Their firmware updates were constant, resulting in major changes to our code each time. 

– The problem with the 3D Rudder was that we only move in virtual reality, in other words, we move in VR but in reality, the body does not move. This usually causes kinetosis or motion sickness. In order to avoid this problem, the game’s setting and mechanics must be adjusted to this problem. For example, reference points at a certain distance, vertical or horizontal movements at a certain speed and so on. must be included in the setting.  

In the end, we managed to provide a game that does not create seasickness and despite these constraints, we managed to achieve the first VR game designed exclusively for the 3D Rudder.

More information of the project : 

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