iOS and Android application for neighbourhood businesses.





AppyPro is an iOS and Android application for small businesses such as bakeries, corner shops, kebab shops and other small restaurants. 

The app allows retailers to show their menus and send push notifications to its users; for example the dish of the day or the offer of the day. On the other hand, the user can make a reservation for his menu or dish using the menu. The business owner receives a notification for each reservation. 

In addition, the shopkeeper has a pro space (in his phone and online) where he can make booking confirmations, contact the customer by email or SMS and see the whole list of bookings.

Finally, the merchant can also change his offer at any time; change the menus, his contact details, etc.

Objective of the project

The objective of this application is to provide the merchant with his own application to help him grow his business.

Our job: Virtual reality application

We made this solution to explore the push notification system of iOS and Android, but also to study the reservation and sales systems via smartphones (banking procedures, or external companies) and the updates of the application contents using an online back-office.

The code base of the application can be copied and pasted to make a brand new application; in this way each merchant can have their own, customised application.

We have sold this application several times and the customers were very satisfied. 
Our wish is to sell the complete solution, not only to small merchants, but to an entrepreneur who wants to create a business on this application so that he in turn sells the application to merchants.  In this case, our role would only be to maintain the application.

More information of the project :