Audi endurance experience 360°​

Tablet application with 360° videos




Android, iOS

This app was made in late 2014, at the dawn of apps with 360° videos. We have developed, in partnership with Digital Immersion, a tablet application with 360° videos for Audio for iOS and Android. 

The app allows you to live « in the driver’s skin » thanks to 360° videos of the qualifying round on the Paul Ricard circuit, a baptism in Audio R8 V10 plus and the Super Final in Swedish Lapland.

The tablet application contains 3 videos unlocked as time goes by.
The first one available on January 29, 2015 allowed you to get into the driver’s skin to get a place in the high-flying final on ice.
The second available on February 12, 2015 allowed you to take a lap around the track at the wheel of the Audi R8 V10.
And the last one available on February 26 allowed you to live the final of the Audi Endurance Experience in extreme conditions.

Objective of the project

This was to promote the Audi Endurance Experience where we can immerse the user in an Audi and make him feel as if he was in the car by using 360° videos.

Our mission: tablet application

Digital Immersion made the videos and IHMTEK made the application and all its functionalities: unlocking by a backoffice of the videos, integration of the graphic charter and the Google Analytics system in the tablet to follow the user acquisition.