We develop virtual reality games
and customised VR escape games for arcades.

This is the favorite part of our team of professionals. They are very passionate about video games and virtual reality.

We manage your entire project, from the creation of the game through its development to its installation on site.

We create all types of VR games, we adapt to your request and your needs within the limits of the feasibility of the project and in the respect of the playability of the game.

If the games are linked to haptic vests for an additional sensory immersion, we can of course adapt ourselves.

Together we will create a game multiple-player  immersive original   fun

We recommend collaborative Virtual Reality games where the goal is to gather and immerse several people in the same virtual world in order to confront them or make them collaborate for a common final goal. The objective is the interaction between them and a virtual world for a total immersion.

Each player uses a virtual reality headset in a room of 3×3 m² each and despite they are all physically separated in the real world, they interact with each other in the virtual worlds.

Collaborative virtual reality is our specialty and we make it a point of honor that all players are satisfied with this VR experience.

Take a look inside our wonderful world...
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Midori's Quest

Development of a virtual reality escape game
See the project


Development of a virtual reality escape game
See the project


Development of a virtual reality escape game
See the project

We also develop, in the same way as VR video games, VR Escape Games where our expertise in collaborative virtual reality is of great help.

Escape Games are adventure experiences where the concept is to solve puzzles as a team in order to escape from a room. Here the idea is the same except that the setting is virtual and transports you to fantastic and magical worlds. It is time to push the limits of your imagination.

Organisers of team building in companies are also very keen on this type of entertainment for their events.

The VR Escape Games will allow you to test your team on several points such as their ability to work together, to help each other and to bring out the best of each other to solve puzzles together. Thanks to virtual reality, we can add a bit of madness to fun activities by making you travel together in fantastic universes.


Do you have an idea? Our team of passionate experts will be happy to turn your idea into reality.