Development of a virtual reality escape game for the EREEL arcade




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FAR WORLDS is a virtual reality game that we have developed for arcade use. This game was made to order for the company E.REEL SARL.

In this game, each player collaborates with his teammates to solve a set of enigmas in different and fantastic worlds. Two, three or four people can play at the same time.

Each player evolves in a 3x3m space. Physically separated in the real world, they interact with each other in the virtual worlds.

They can see each other, exchange objects, talk to each other and live the exact same experience in real time.

In 2019, thanks to the quality of the images and the gameplay we have created, « Marie Claire » Magazine lists FarWorlds among the « Top Escape Games » in France.

Objective of the project

The objective of the game was to design game mechanics that could create emotions such as tension, collaboration, satisfaction, action and reflection in virtual reality environments.

All of this in a 45-minute time frame.

Our job : Escape Game iu Virtual Reality

FarWorlds is probably one of the first virtual reality games developed specifically for arcades. 

First, the client EREEl told us what type of emotions they wanted to create in their player and then we designed several game worlds that they quickly accepted.

The development of the game took us about 6 months including 2 months of playtesting. During this time, we invited the client several times to come and test and give feedback on the game. 

Technical Note:

For those who are curious, we used Photon Engine as a network tool at FarWorlds. 

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