Development of a multiplayer arcade game in virtual reality




HTC Vive

VR GLADIATORS is a multiplayer virtual reality game, « arcade game » type, adapted to virtual reality rooms.

In this game, the player finds himself in the shoes of a gladiator. In order to survive and prove that he is the best, he must fight his opponents.
Each player has three types of weapons: bow, spear and slingshot. Dexterity and flexibility will help players avoid injury.
The goal of each player is to score as many points as possible before the time runs out.

There are two different game modes: in the first mode each player fights for himself. The second mode allows players to split into two teams.

Each player moves in a 3x3m space. Physically separated in the real world, they interact with each other in the virtual worlds.

The game took us about 4 months to develop.

The fact that this game was created for our own virtual reality game center allowed us to test it continuously and make continuous improvements based on customer feedback.

The game is now available on Arvi and Springboard VR, the VR content distribution platforms.