Adaptive Housing

Virtual reality simulation as part of a psychosocial strategy




Samsung Gear VR

Everyone has the right to live in their own home until they reach the age they want to. However, as time goes by and with advancing age, certain daily gestures become painful or even dangerous. 

The goal of this project is to allow the elderly to continue to enjoy their home thanks to an adapted environment. These people also have the right to have their « home » and to feel good, autonomous and especially safe. 

Objective of the project

This innovative approach of prevention focuses on the adaptation of housing to the elderly. 

It is quite possible, in case of loss of autonomy, to find tools that allow home maintenance. The Greater Lyon metropolitan area has decided to find even more ways. Thanks, in particular, to the cooperation between people over 60 years old and professionals of autonomy, it was possible to find these new prevention tools by relying in particularly on new technologies and tools of playful situation setting via « Serious Game ». 

This is why we were part of this project. 

“ Adapting your home means immediately gaining comfort, safety, and independence.”
-Bien dans mon habitat-

Our job : Virtual Reality Application

For our part of the project, the work was done around a « Serious Game », a tool using new technologies to communicate on a subject in a more attractive way. The application proposes an immersive experience through virtual reality simulation, using the Samsung Gear VR. The application combines an educational and playful intention with an awareness of future seniors, and their relatives, to the daily difficulties encountered in a home during aging.

The experience allows to visit an adapted apartment and to interact with the elements of the environment. The goal is to allow everyone to put themselves in the place of an elderly person facing the dilemmas of their daily life. The choices (with the help of the VR headset) will have an influence on the proper configuration of the dwelling, the social links and the attachment to the living space.

In order to assist in mediation, we have also developed a system to connect the Samsung Gear VR headset to an Android tablet. In this way, the mediator can see what the headset wearer is seeing and guide him/her.