Mobile game engine for collaborative museum visits




Android / PC, Mac, Linux

Objective of the project

This innovative approach aims to make museum visits more attractive and interactive by involving children and adults. The aim is to make it possible to learn about and become interested in the history of a work through games. Children love games and making learning more playful helps to keep them attentive. The aim is also to strengthen sociability in the museum by allowing families to visit the museum together and to reinforce the openness to the work. By making them collaborate, or compete and interact with the environment, the visit becomes fun and enjoyable. 

Ludomuse has been designed to allow families with children to have a fun and enriching visit by reinforcing the dialogue between generations.

Our job: Mobile and interactive game engine

Our work has therefore focused on the creation of a mobile and interactive game engine.

Ludomuse offered interactive and playful courses involving several people using connected mobile terminals in a cultural or educational context. 

The adult and the child can interact together thanks to a course on connected tablets. The thematic course allows each person to take on a role. As you progress, the tablets offer games and challenges related to the collections.

Winner of the 2014 call for « Innovative digital cultural services » from the Ministry of Culture, submitted by a group of 18 partners and led by the Metropole of Lyon / Erasme, the Château des Ducs de Bretagne in Nantes and Paris Musées, Ludomuse has been available since the end of 2017 in the form of an opensource editor supported by a group of approved companies.