Maisons HIMINN

Application for the virtual visit of Velux Himmin houses




Samsung Gear VR

The Himinn House project is an application we made in 2016 in partnership with the Kariba Productions Company for « Velux and Maisons France Confort ». It is a virtual visit of an urban house using the Samsung Gear VR – in 2016, the Samsung Gear VR was the most advanced mobile VR headset.

The app won the award for the best virtual reality app at the Salon de  » l’Habitat in Paris » thanks to its realism and rendering quality.

Hotspots (or points of interest) allow to change rooms and thus move around to discover the different rooms in the house.

Objective of the project

The aim of the application was to present the Velux Himinn House range in an immersive and interactive way. Velux anticipated that by participating in the Housing Show, the number of virtual reality applications presenting virtual visits would be very large. The idea was to stand out by presenting the best application at the show.

Our job : The samsung gear for a virtual visit.

Our job was to design a virtual visit application that was more advanced than the others.

To do this, we decided to use bi-cubic stereoscopic images of realistic renderings of the house, produced by Kariba Productions, to create the application.  Unlike all other applications, which use a single image for both eyes, we use a different image for each eye, which gives a sense of depth.

Technical challenges:

The application is a virtual visit where by using virtual buttons you can walk through the different rooms of the house. As we use stereoscopy to create depth, the virtual buttons are monoscopically positioned in a 3D scene. This dual use of stereoscopy and monoscopy can create perception inconsistencies in the human brain. In order to solve this problem, we have created a system to calibrate the position of the virtual buttons in the 3D scene.

More information of the project :