Vienne Antique 3D

3D reconstruction of Vienne (France) in the time of the Romans




Android, IOS, Windows 10

Transport yourself and walk on the lands of ancient Vienne, as if you were there in 360°, and reveal the reconstructed city in superimposition.

This project was nominated for the « Trophées Innovation et Tourisme » in Rhône-Alpes 2012 (iOS, Android, Windows 10).

Objective of the project

Vienne is one of the oldest cities in the region, a place steeped in history and with an incredible Gallo-Roman heritage.

The Roman Empire was the source of its glory and wealth.

The aim is to immerse all those who are interested in Antiquity or curious to discover, in history, in a different light, and in one of the richest archaeological heritages in France.

Our job : Application and 3D Video

Our role in this project was to create an application suitable for smartphones and tablets, showing the 3D, full-colour and interactive reconstruction of the city of Vienne in the time of the Romans.

We have also created a 360° video where you can walk through Gallo-Roman Vienne and discover landscapes and buildings never seen before as they were. Discover the Spina, the Temple, the Ancient Theatre, the Forum or the Odeon as they were in Ancient Vienne.

The video is now being shown to groups visiting the Temple of Augustus and Livia and on the screens of the Tourist Pavilion.