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We will make it real!


Nouveauté, attractivité et interactivité


Offer your visitors a total and interactive immersion


An access to the place without constraints 


We talk about virtual visits and playful visits to designate the different forms of visits whose final goal is to immerse the interlocutor partially or totally in a virtual world.

We add to these visits the possibility of interacting with the decor and the virtual environment through a mobile application or a VR headset for example. And thanks to virtual reality or augmented reality, everything is possible and we are here to make it happen. 

We have a team of developers and a team of designers who will take care of the 3D modeling for a very real setting.

We develop solutions adapted and deployable to all media:

  • VR headsets (PC, mobile, and standalone) for all brands
  • Mobile applications
  • Interactive solutions integrated to a web page (embed)

IHMTEK accompanies you in all stages of production: design (scripting assistance), 360 video capture (GoPro HD cameras), editing and broadcasting (all types of VR and AR headsets).

Real Estate Virtual VISITS

Do you work in a real estate agency and want to stand out from the increased competition?

It’s time to develop your own competitive edge and make your mark in the marketplace.


Boost your visibility


Helping your customers to plan ahead


Enhance your real estate


Save time and money


These so-called virtual or 360° visits allow you to immerse your customers in your real estate. The visitor can move in this property and has a 360° panorama as if he was physically present in this property.

The images that the customer sees is a representation of the place he wants to visit (house, apartment, land); he finds himself in total immersion.

The virtual visit is made for you, from now on, in case of professional or geographical constraints, your potential buyers are no longer obliged to travel to get a quick idea of the property. Thanks to these immersive visits, you will discover a truly motivated clientele.

This process allows you to reassure your future buyers and to put them in confidence; and for your part, to sublimate and enhance your interiors and exteriors for a potential virtual love at first sight.

Choose now your future ally to enhance and develop your real estate business.

Virtual touristic visits

Are you a tourist institution? A city hall? A museum? Do you want to satisfy your visitors and heritage lovers? Do you want to offer the possibility to all, throughout the world, to visit historical sites in total immersion?


Trace the history of a place, a building, an archaeological site


Preserve the heritage


Temporary VR exhibitions in your museums


Discover new places and classified sites

Have you ever thought about virtual or 360° visits to offer your visitors the chance to visit new places? For several reasons, we know that it is sometimes difficult to authorise access to certain historical or archaeological sites: notably the preservation and conservation of the place or the protection of the heritage. We believe that virtual visits are a good way to bring these historic places to life in a new way and to share their history with the world. We can be proud of our history and thanks to the work of reconstruction and the panoramic view, your visitors will not lose a bit of it.

You can preserve and archive the most fragile goods by replacing them with a permanent solution and share the masterpieces that history offers us while preserving them. You can reconstitute a cityfrom its remains, immerse your visitors in a cave closed to the public, make them discover great archaeological sites that are out of reach…

Fun visits


Give yourself a more than effective means of communication


Benefit from a larger audience


Invest in an additional and interactive information medium


IOS and Android compatible vitual visits

Have you ever thought about using augmented reality or virtual reality to enhance and sublimate the experience of your visitors and tourists? We can develop for you an interactive map via an application or via an augmented reality system, in the form of a quiz and in an informative format, to deepen and extend a visit and to guide it.

In the service of the city, it is a reconstruction of the city at different times or even the creation of an interactive map of the city that we can realise for you.

Industry Virtual Visits


Increase your revenues


Energize the industry and stand out


Project yourself into your next work environment


Recruit allies by presenting your final project

Let your customers discover the production and realisation processes related to your sector of activity, let them discover your laboratories, your production units and your factories and share your expertise with them.

As for your partners and collaborators, offer them the possibility to visit your workplace, your factories, your construction sites.

With this solution, you will be able to virtually represent your 3D models to help leasing your premises under construction for example.

Equip yourself with an immersive tool to assist in the design and/or development of digital industrial models and to evaluate your prototypes. Virtual models will allow you to optimise communication with your partners thanks to the internal visualisation of a project model. They will be able to visit and interact with the scalable components that our team will create beforehand. It will also be possible to interact with them at the same time, in the same universe, if you wish, thanks to our expertise in collaborative virtual reality.

It is time to organise a visit accessible playful immersive dynamic effective

OUR PROJECTS of vr training

Teotihuacan 3D

The only application authorized by the Instituto Nacional de Antropologia e Historia of Mexico.
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Vienne Antique 3D

Vienne Antique 3D

Application of 3D reconstruction of Vienne (France) at the time of the Romans
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IOS, Android application for Suze la Rousse castle
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Virtual reality simulation as part of a psychosocial strategy
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Viewer: visualize 360° video
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Application for a virtual visit in 360° videos of a pharmacy like Paris Pharma
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Maisons HIMINN

Application for the virtual visit of the Himmin houses of Velux
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Do you have an idea? Our team of passionate experts will be happy to turn your idea into reality.