Development of a virtual reality escape game




HTC Vive

Midori’s Quest is a virtual reality game that we have developed, an « Escape Game » type, adapted to arcades. This game was developed in collaboration with the French Judo Federation.

In this game, each player collaborates with his or her teammates to solve a series of enigmas in a fantasy world. Two, three or four people can play at the same time.

Each player moves in a 3x3m space. Physically separated in the real world, they interact with each other in the virtual world.

They can see each other, exchange objects, talk to each other and live the exact same experience in real time.

Objective of the project

Our objective was to create a unique game for our virtual reality game center –oVRdoze in Lyon. Our goal was to create a wonderful world, as well as to exalt the values of judo such as friendship, respect, humility and mutual help.

The objective of the game was to design game mechanics that could create emotions such as tension, collaboration, satisfaction, action and reflection in virtual reality environments.

Our job : Escape Game in Virtual Reality

The game took us about 8 months to develop.

The fact that the game was created for our own virtual reality room allowed us to test it continuously and make ongoing improvements based on customer feedback.

The game has been a great success in our room – « Midori’s Quest » has proved popular with both younger and adult customers. As a result, we received an offer from Arvi, the VR content distribution platform. Midori is now available in our game center and in thousands of other game centers around the world.