PROJECTS: Enerlin'X, Okken Evo & Brokset Evo

3D mobile applications allowing the user to understand the features of Schneider products.




Android, iOS

In partnership with Sonovision we have developed a set of smartphone applications (Android and iOS) for Schneider Electric. The applications used 3D models of several of their flagship products.

Objective of the project

The purpose of each application is to enable users to understand the most important features and functionality of Schneider Electric products: Enerlin’X, Okken Evo and Brokset Evo.

Our job: 3D Mobile Applications

Sonovision Group took care of the 3D modelling of the items and the customer relationship with Schneider Electric.

Once the 3D models were delivered by Sonovision Group, we made the necessary adjustments (reduction of polygons, improvement of triangulation, etc.) to integrate them into the tablets, because the 3D models had been created using CAD software. These 3D models with many polygons had to be optimised.

All functionalities were developed by IHMTEK.