360 VR Connect

Solution for creating applications for Samsung Gear VR




Samsung Gear VR

360 VR Connect is a solution that allows to create applications for Samsung Gear VR or Oculus Go to view 360-degree videos and 360-degree photos.

The application also allows  to view on a tablet what the VR headset wearer is seeing.

The tablet is also used as a remote control, meaning you can remotely change the content viewed in the Samsung Gear VR or Oculus Go. The tablet and the virtual reality headset are connected by wifi, without the need for a WIFI infrastructure; you only need to put the tablet in a wifi hotspot to create the local network.

The solution consists of an application for the virtual reality headset, an application for the tablet and a Windows software to create your photo/video albums and add them to the tablet and the Samsung Gear VR headset.

With the tablet you can connect and control up to 32 virtual reality headsets simultaneously.

Our job

We realised that in commercial applications or during demonstrations, the operator (e.g. guide, sales agent, etc.) needed to give indications to highlight certain things in the application content; the problem was that he could not see what the user was viewing and therefore could not control the content either.

That’s why we designed VR Connect: because there is a strong need to give the operator a way to « see what the user is looking at » and to be able to control the content that the user is viewing.

Technical challenges :

The biggest challenge we faced was the peer-to-peer connection; in other words, the connection between the tablet and the virtual reality headsets and the creation of a communication protocol for sending information from the tablet to the VR headset and back.

More information of the project : 

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