Virtual reality simulation as part of a psychosocial strategy




Samsung Gear VR

Virtual reality application, for the SNCF, in partnership with Psykolab (Research firm specialised in the design of products and services, adapted to the psychological needs of people).

Problems encountered and objective of the project

The project seeked to find solutions to the misuse of the alarm signal. Misusing the alarm signal means delaying the whole line.

Finding a solution for the SNCF meant testing several approaches such as
– Changing the position and size of the sign inside the train,
– Testing different contents in the sign, and
– Simulating situations that could motivate the action of pulling the alarm, among others.

In a real situation, carrying out these experiments required significant logistics from the SNCF, such as reserving specific trains for the experiment, changing the signs, etc. This could become very expensive and complicated.

Our job: Virtual Reality Application

Thanks to virtual reality, these constraints are no longer present. We modeled an SNCF suburban train and, using the Samsung Gear VR, we simulated several situations that could occur. For example, a character in virtual reality gets sick and then several solutions are proposed to the passengers. The change of the content of the sign, the size or the position can be « repeated » several times, without the need for significant logistics.

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